"The Principles and Techniques are easy to learn and they work" 




















                          The Brave Way Training Programs

The programs include:
- Lecture
- Demonstration
- Hands-on instruction
- Techniques to defend against 
   punches, chokes, kicks, grabs,   
   bear hugs, headlocks, knives, 
   guns, clubs, and other attacks
- Defense against armed and
  unarmed attackers
- Single and multiple attackers
- Standing, sitting, and ground
- Rape prevention/defense 

You will also learn how to:
- Evaluate your home and daily
  routine to identify and correct
  potential areas of risk
- Anticipate and avoid or prepare for
  hostile or violent situations
- Deal with fear if attacked, to
  prevent panicking and freezing up
- Quickly make a plan of action if
  you feel threatened
- Recognize and use everyday
  objects as makeshift weapons to
  help defend yourself
Upon completion of The Brave Way program, participants will possess the confidence and techniques necessary to help them properly defend themselves and protect others


Program Benefits:
- The ability to protect yourself
- Greatly improved self-confidence
- Reduced fear
- Better awareness
- Enhanced peace of mind

You will also be able to use the principles and techniques you learn during the Program immediately upon completion, as well as, for the rest of your lives.

You will learn how to improve your overall personal safety as well as that of your loved ones while:

- At home            - At School
- Dating              - Jogging
- Shopping           - At the gym
- Commuting         - At work
- Away at college  - Babysitting
- Traveling on business/vacation
- Many other situations

Gain the peace of mind in knowing that you and your loved ones will be safer after learning the techniques and information taught in The Brave Way program.

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